Health and Safety Advice

Provide a means of raising the alarm

  • Providing a means of raising the alarm in the event of an emergency can save valuable time and could help save a life.  A pool-side emergency alarm or direct link telephone is by far the best means provided that the alarm is distinguishable from others used on the premises and staff are trained how to deal with the situation when the alarm is raised.
  • For unsupervised pools a written notice should be positioned next to the alarm telling bathers how to summon assistance.
  • If the pool is supervised then it is recommended that a mobile telephone or two way radio is provided for use by the Supervisor.

Formulate Operating and Emergency Procedures

Operating Procedures

Written operating procedures are a means of demonstrating that measures have been taken regarding the operation and maintenance of the pool.  In addition, a simple operating procedure in the form of a checklist can act as an aide memoir and could also be used by persons with limited knowledge in the absence of the main pool operator.

Operating procedures should include:-

  • Details of the pool including dimensions and location.
  • Maximum bather loads (for guidance purposes 1 bather per 2m2).
  • Formulation of responsible persons duties.
  • Check list details e.g. checks on pool structure, condition of steps, pool surround, emergency alarm, rescue equipment and first aid supplies.
  • Routine maintenance procedures.
  • Pool water test procedure and appropriate action should unsatisfactory results be found.


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