Assistance Call Systems


We have designed a system to provide a reliable and easy to use method of calling for assistance which is ideal for use in all types of private, commercial, residential and public sector buildings, allowing the general public, a member of staff or a patient to call for assistance.


Our range of systems provide security and peace of mind for a variety of businesses including:


Hotels & Guest Houses

Sports & Leisure Centre Changing Rooms

Shopping & Retail Centres

Warehouse & Factory Areas

Dental  GP Surgeries

Disabled WC’s

Treatment & Assessment Rooms

Court Rooms

Meeting Rooms & Offices

Care Homes and Hospitals.


Safety and security are the most important requirements of every business.  In nursing home or hospitals both patients and residents need as much freedom and independence as possible; and care managers need the reassurance that they can respond to any event quickly, efficiently and effectively.


Recent guidelines require that all disabled toilet installations must have a fixed method of communication, and our Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm provides a compliant, cost effective solution.

We have over 20 years of specialisation in system development  so we can give you one of the most flexible and comprehensive systems in the UK. We can offer a wide range of easy-to-use triggering devices and complete event recording facilities.


In addition to setting off the integral alarm, our audio display units provide descriptions of the call type, the location and identity of caller. If you need to protect fire doors, entrance & exit doors or other sensitive areas, we can integrate our systems into one system.


If you need to keep a permanent printed record of all system activity together with date and time of any event, out system enables you to connect a wide range of printers and alphanumeric pagers. Pagers can be configured to display calls made on the system as they would appear on the display unit, which means that staff can carry on with their work without having to worry about missing calls. Pagers can also be specially configured to only receive certain calls, or calls at specific times of the day.