PoolGuard 2000 Drowning Alarm System

When choosing a system to suit your centres needs you need to consider the number of areas or zones to be covered.  This may be the main pool, teaching pool, sauna, steam room or tanning area. There are no restrictions to the number of zones, this allows you to decide the level of cover you require.  Additional zones can be added at later stages as the system is flexible and can be moved or extended at any time.  The PoolGuard 2000 system incorporates a waterproof neck worn pendant transmitter.  This allows the lifeguard freedom of movement and provides an immediate response without the need to leave an incident.  The lifeguard will simply press the pendants orange button to sound the alarm.  Fixed button transmitters are designed to be used with the pendant transmitters around the pool area etc.  This eliminates the need for awkward & unsightly cables.

Radio Protection Services Ltd provides security in any shape, size or multiple bodies of water. PoolGuard 2000 technology can provide a call to first responders, trigger an alarm, activate cameras, integrate with automation, turn on lights or simply sound an audible alarm. Pools can be divided into zones to assure rescue action in the appropriate location.

The PoolGuard 2000 hardware and software has been developed in house on a continual basis over  a number of years by our own engineers, it is not an intruder alarm system with a wireless interface and as such we feel it is ideally suited to the swimming pool and leisure centre environment.  As we have an in house development team we can provide additional features or adapt an existing feature to work in a slightly different way, we can modify the software to suit your exact requirements.


Does your drowning alarm comply with recent safety regulations for swimming pools? – If not staff and customers could be at risk.


At Radio Protection Services we can look to support older systems that other suppliers have decided are obsolete.    Please Contact Us for details.