Staff Protection Alarms

Building on the technology of our PoolGuard 2000 system we are also leading suppliers of staff protection systems, again these systems have been developed using our wealth of experience and can be customised to suit your exact requirements.

Staff Panic Alarms

Crime and violence in the workplace have a serious impact on both staff morale and performance.  It can result in staff absence, high sickness levels, increased staff turnover and possible recruitment issues.  Effective security systems are increasingly important for protecting staff who work in an environment that is open to the public. Health facilities and care homes are just a couple of examples of places of work that need effective systems to protect the people and property within.  Our panic alarm equipment offers protection for doctors; nurses; counsellors; university staff/students - in fact anyone who works alone with members of the public.  Staff attack and anti-social behaviour is a huge concern within the workplace.  Our range of transmitters includes wall/desk mounted panic buttons; neck/belt worn pendants; wall mounted panic strips.

Lone Worker Alarms

This lightweight portable panic/assist button unit is ideal for nurses, care workers or teachers who work away from fixed panic buttons. The portable panic button can be worn clipped to the belt or pocket.  Pressing the Panic button will initiate a panic alarm and indicate on the control unit display which unit is calling. This unit can be programmed to identify the location or the person requiring assistance.


These transmitters are also available with an inbuilt 'mandown' function which will automatically transmit a request for help if the wearer remains in a near horizontal position for an extended period, for example if they are injured or unconcious.